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Dan has been all over and has touched many lives with his tireless passion and flame for drums and education. Here are what some of his clients and mentors have to say about his exceptional skills as a mentor, motivator, player and teacher.

"Dan, Well, as far as i'm concerned, you're the best, and you're playing your ass off!!"

-Buddy Deppenschmidt

"Good morning Dan, i just wanted to let you know that more than one person has been at my house and heard the drumming from the basement and said in Disbelief, "is that your son playing?" What you two are doing is DEFINITELY WORKING!!! I'm very pleased with results!"

-Tom T.

"Thank you for all that you do... my son  looks up to you."

-Mr. Kline

"You're a great teacher, very patient with your students and you never give up on anyone!!"

-Jon M.

"Dude, you're a beast."

-Josh A.

"When you sat down to play the band lifted a foot off the floor!"

-Charlie M.

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