Dan is dedicated to the highest level of education and art. Dan uses the tools and knowledge from his legendary mentors to help build strong foundational support for the students to grow. 


All this knowledge is brought straight to the student to develop a practice routine that will build the hands, feet, and stretch the mind to insure we reach our full potential. Together we cover all aspects of drumming and the music business. 


Whether its a dream of being one the greats or just as a hobby, Dan has a unique and personalized approach to each student. Learning with Dan is fun, creative, inspiring, motivating, uplifting and will give the student a sense of pride they'll carry for a life time!


Drum lessons have no age or level barrier and he also teaches in elementary, middle, and high schools as well as charters and colleges.


In the hands on drum lessons and music lessons we will focus on and master the following:

*Practice Routine                  

*Free Stroke, Moeller Stroke, & Finger Techniques

*Sight Reading


*Hand/Feet coordination and Speed

*History of Drum set

*All Genres of music

*All drum set styles

*Concert Band

*Being an Artist

*Being a Musician

*Being a Professional

*Business Skills(marketing, branding, social skills, etc.)



*Much More!



Online Drum Lessons

Skype drum lessons online are a fantastic way to connect with Dan from anywhere in the world! Enjoy your lesson from right in your own home! Many students are currently taking advantage of this new technology and seeing great results!

Drum lessons for young children

Drum Lesson Rates


1/2 hour- $30

1 hour-    $60

Monthly-$110.00(four 30 minute lessons)


To book your lesson with Dan just email or call anytime.

Cell:     610-462-7355

Email: Anderick99@gmail.com

antique Ludwig bass pedal
1909 Ludwig Bass Pedal
Hands on Drum lessons offered in the Lehigh Valley

4 Benefits of Learning to Play the Drums

  1. Stress ReliefPlaying the drums releases endorphins, enkephalins and Alpha waves in your brain, which are associated with general feelings of well-being, happiness and relaxation.

  2. Expel Negativity - You can literally drum out your feelings. When held inside, negative emotions can form energy blockages and hold you back. The physical stimulation and movement of hitting the drums can help remove those blockages and expel any negativity you are holding in.

  3. Creative Expression - Let your creative juices flow as you drum! This can be rewarding and fulfilling.

  4. Drumming Makes You SmarterDrumming is a great workout for your brain because it requires you to access your entire brain. Research shows that the physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the brain synchronizes the left and right hemispheres. Also, the sound of drumming generates new neuronal connections in all parts of the brain. This all gives you a greater sense of intuition and self-awareness.