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Drum Sets Used for Our Drumming Workshops


Our Drum Camps are absolutely the first of their kind anywhere in the area!


Drum camp last two weeks is specifically tailored for drummers with the best special guest musicians and drummers from around the area and the world. Week One highlights these guests and week two gives the student a chance to record and perform their favorite songs!

CAMP 2018!

The first drum camp featured a masterclass from Dom Famularo as well giving students the experience of recording their favorite songs!

CAMP 2019!

The Second Drum Camp featured Dom Famularo and Legendary Bassist Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon).

CAMP 2020!

2020 was a challenging year but drum camp went on safely and featured many great talents such as Dom Famularo and Tommy Igoe.

CAMP 2021!

2021 featured a wide variety of artists from Latin, to Fusion, to Metal, and was a huge success!

Children Enjoying Our Drum Workshop for Beginners

CAMP 2022!

Video coming soon.

Email for dates, times, and rates of summer drum camp 2023!

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