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online drum lessons studio bethlehem pa


Music Lessons, Drum Teacher in Bethlehem

Who is Dan Andree?

As of 2023, Dan has been playing drums for 23 years and teaching for 17! As an Intense performer and educator, Dan is dedicated, hard working, and passionate for top notch education and performances. 


Taught by some of the worlds greatest Drummers such as Dom Famularo, Buddy Deppenschmidt, Tommy Igoe, Dave DiCenso, Kevin Soffera, as well as Jim Toscano. Dan combines the masterful techniques from before the birth of the drum set to the ground-breaking concepts of today's music as well as innovating for the future.

My Mentors:

  • John Sanfilippo(Owner Of California Drum Shop)

  • Tommy Igoe(Lion King Broadway, Groove Essentials, Wim trio)

  • Buddy Deppenschmidt(Charlie Byrd)

  • Kevin Soffera(Breaking Benjamins, Seether)

  • Dom Famularo(2015 #2 voted private teacher in the world)

  • Dave DiCenso(Berklee staff, Duran Duran, Hiromi)

  • Scott Williams(Author of Funky Six)

  • Jim Toscano(music technology great, Author)

Dan has attended master classes with legendary drummers such as:

Dan has presented master classes such as:  

  • *Technique/Reading

  • *Drum Set 

  • *Live Performance

  • *Studio Sessions

  • *History of the drum set

  • *Building business skills 


His hard work and tireless love for his craft has quickly earned him credits in the highest regard amongst his colleagues and peers.

Dan has directed/ Co-directed music and drum camps alike as well as, taught and continues to teach hundreds upon hundreds of students. He has a knack for motivating and inspiring students to rise up and become passionate, dedicated, confident and above all else... Happy successful musicians!

One of the most sought-after private instructors in the Pennsylvania area for over 15 years, Dan is currently an Education Consultant for Vater Drum sticksand Sabian Cymbals.

Dan's Drumming Experience Bio:

His burning passion for music and education shines through his ability to play many different styles of music. From Top 40's to Jazz, Dan has the tools to heighten any musical situation. 

Having learned from Dom Famularo the techniques of the "Big Three", Billy Gladstone(Finger Technique), George L. Stone(Free stroke Wrist), and the famous Sanford Moeller(arm whip), Dan has developed a style that permeates Jazz, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Pop, Blues, and R&B. Dan does it all from top 40's to Jazz to Funk and Fusion, You'll clearly see the passion that's shines so bright through his playing.


His drum and music lessons have no age or level barrier, there is a system custom designed for each students' needs, and free educational products for every student that walks through the door. Whether taking a lesson or seeing him live at a show, the passion lights up the room!

Dan on the drums - drum lessons available!
Drum lesson teacher Dan playing at a show
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